Flow chamber FlowCell3el ABS


Flow chamber FlowCell3el ABS FlowCell3el ABS flow chamber is designed for electrochemical measurements in flow. Please, specify in the quote the inner and outer tube diameter and the tube length you will need for the FlowCell chamber. We can also prepare more variants of tube connectors for more variants of tubes. [...]

Flow chamber FlowCell3el ABS2024-02-06T18:38:07+00:00

Connector for BDD electrode


Connector for BDD electrode The connector contains three pins intended for the working electrode, the reference electrode and the counter electrode. The connector is compatible with the electrochemical flow cells presented on this web page. Price quote

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Ice Box


Ice BoxCooling box for eppendorfs with ice.    Price quote

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Reference electrode


Reference electrode RefEl is an Ag/AgCl reference electrode module designed for the FlowCell3el electrochemical flow chamber. The module is attached to the chamber with a 10-32 0.19in thread. The reference electrode is connected to the potentiostat with a 4mm banana plug. [...]

Reference electrode2023-06-30T11:55:51+00:00
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