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Air cleaner AirBox


Air cleaner AirBox The AirBox air purifier uses advanced oxidation processes to break down micropollutants using photoactive titanium dioxide material. A UV-A LED is placed in the device to initiate photocatalysis. The device is intended for the degradation of micropollutants such as volatile organic substances, viruses, bacteria and nitrogen oxides. [...]

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Reference electrode


Reference electrode RefEl is an Ag/AgCl reference electrode module designed for the FlowCell3el electrochemical flow chamber. The module is attached to the chamber with a 10-32 0.19in thread. The reference electrode is connected to the potentiostat with a 4mm banana plug. [...]

Reference electrode2023-06-30T11:55:51+00:00

Photocatalytic reactor LumBox mini


Photocatalytic reactor LumBox mini The LumBox photocatalytic reactor was developed for the purpose of measuring the efficiency of photoactive materials. The device includes an airtight chamber and a UV-A LED with a maximum at a wavelength of 365 nm. Price quote

Photocatalytic reactor LumBox mini2023-06-30T11:08:39+00:00
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